“Freeze-Frame”                                        2:30p.m. 1/25/02

Occurred in a small fruit stand on 20th Street and Baseline Road, San Isidro Farm. Below is a picture of what I saw in that moment.

We were talking with the owner, Chris. He said that the farm was only 19 acres and produced enough to keep the locals happy. He said that he had had a few calls about selling, but nothing definite. Through the door was a little room that offered Saint Guadeloupe statues, photographs and worshiping doodads. There is a 1947-coke machine, bags of tangerines, peanuts, and cans of jelly, honey and jams. An empty chair is in this room that faces a view across the street of a new development going in. This is the view I saw from amongst the orange trees. It reminded me of my history of playing in the orange groves. You can see my memory map. I wondered how life would have been different if my grandparents had not sold out for a homeowners association.