About me and this web page!!

 HI! My name is Nicole Kist. I was born and raise in Glendale, Arizona. I am a biology major at ASU West. I have already received my Associates degree from GCC and am working towards my Bachelors degree in biology. After I get my degree in the spring I plan to further my education and eventually do research in California. I love the ocean and marine animals and I am fascinated about studying and learning new facts about them. My goal is to eventually get my doctorate in Marine Biology. 

    I come from a large family and thanks to my sisters (who keep having babies) it just keeps getting larger, not that I mind though. I have three sisters, two brother-in-laws, two nieces, and  two nephews. My nieces and nephews are absolutely adorable! I have countless aunts and uncle from both my mom and my dads sides of the family. I also help raise my boyfriends five year-old son. I am close with my family and love hanging out with them. 

    This web page was designed along with dozens of others for an urban anthropology class. Our class spent six weeks learning about South Phoenix (as much as you can in six weeks). We helped habitat for humanity, we learned about the Rio Salado Project and the habitat restoration that is going on there, as well as met with councilmen and police officers for the city, observed gentrification and other economic changes happening in a number of areas in South Phoenix, spoke to citizens of South Phoenix, and visited dozens of shops in the area trying to learn all that we could about the neighborhood in the time allowed for the class so we could share it with others, through these web pages.


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