Photo Essay--Nicole Kist

Murals like this one try to deliver powerful messages to the youth of South Phoenix, warning of the possible dangers of sex (such as pregnancy and STDs) before marriage.

This mural depicts the faces of several powerful minority leaders that fought for equal rights and the rights of their people. I think this is an inspirational picture to have on the side of the building to show the children that they can become anything they put their minds to and they are not limited by their environment!

This is the building that the face mural is on. It is a boxing center for the children in the neighborhood. This and other after school programs are great for the kids it keeps they busy, of the street, out of trouble, and teaches them skills.


This is a picture of an alleged gang member "throwing his sign". Gangs are a common problem in South Phoenix as described to us by a member of the police force.



The whole class at habitat for humanity. It was so fun and I'm glad I got to help and learn more about the program!

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