Arizona State University West                    Professor Kristin Koptiuch                      Spring 2002

Memory Maps Assignment

Idea inspired while Dr. K. was "Learning from London"
7/26/01 sitting in Hoxton Square
While "learning from London" in July 2001, dr. k stumbled upon a somewhat ramshackle art gallery hosting a show by Young Artists of London.  Among the lovely work were several "memory maps" by an artist named Anna Lee.  I contacted Anna by email and she gave me permission to copy this fragment of one of her maps, which is on a post card I got at the show.
I was so impressed by the way her map detours the city's geography into a "cognitive mapping" of what is meaningful and memorable in the individual's salient landscape.  Her mapping foregrounds the people who etch meaning onto the landscape, both physical and memorable.  These cognitive mappings re-member a very personal and particular "London."
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