The South Ranch Community: Habitat for Humanity 

    A day of out in the valley of the sun was a day of teamwork, motivation, laughter, building process and a helping hand.  This was the first time that I had volunteered for a well-run organization whose mission is to build a community of affordable homes throughout the valley of the sun.  This mission is called Habitat for Humanity, founded  in 1987.      

    Habitat for Humanity's mission is to issue affordable housing in the metro Phoenix area with homes in Guadalupe, Glendale, Sunnyslope, South Phoenix, East Lake, Park Central and Nuestro Barrio, insisting that no one should ever go to sleep at night without a decent roof over his or her head.  Volunteering at Habitat for Humanity was a great experience in which I, along with my fellow classmates and professor, was involved.  Knowing that I put my time, effort and dedication into something that would benefit another family gave me a sense of pride and happiness.  Before learning from our speakers Missie, Becca and Noel about Habitat for Humanity, I assumed this community was built only for the needy and poor, but that all individuals of all racial ethnic background could live in such a phenomenal community.  The community not only offers affordable housing, but also I was impressed by the amount of after school activities, programs, staff and recreation the community center offers to their residents.  

    Overall, this was a day of joining together to help benefit another person(s) life for a safer and better place of living.  A day out with Habitat for Humanity was not only a day of volunteer work, but a day of community outreach and learning something new that has especially opened my heart to help a family in need.  Habitat for Humanity is a community that gives hope and inspiration.  And for the most part there are people who care and want to help others.

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