What is "freeze frame"?  Freeze frame is a moment of a short period when you stop whatever you are doing.   Once you have stopped, then you pause and observe your surroundings.  At that very moment  when the freeze frame was called, I was standing along with my fellow classmates at South Plaza on Central and Baseline as we encountered a homeless man, pushing a grocery cart.   A homeless, Anglo man roaming the streets of South Phoenix, where so many fear to go.   Sadly, but true people of all ethnic backgrounds are around the valley homeless, without shelter and go to sleep hungry each day.

    As the homeless man approached us, we began to sense bad odor coming our way.   The homeless man stood in front of us as we were walking through the shopping plaza and asked each one of us if we could spare some change.  It was very obvious this man was homeless, hungry and had not showered for several days.  As my group went on, passing the homeless man by I was trying to decide if I should spare him some change, maybe strike a conversation, or just nod my head (no) and walk away.  Well you could be the judge of that! 

    As we passed the homeless guy by and into the store, I turned towards the window and took a glimpse of the homeless man walking away.  He was walking very slowly as if he had no strength what so ever.   I see the very tired and dirty homeless man disappear into the corner, wandering where will he go from here?  Maybe another street corner, a dark alley or he'll probably find an abandoned building to sleep.  I sigh quietly (huh), could this man have been a husband, a father,  or an employee of some kind that once owned his own home.  So then I ask myself, "What could  possibly go wrong within society when we began to see homeless people living on the streets?  Nevertheless, this problem is a self-help solution.  I believe, you can't be very intelligent or you wouldn't be homeless.  So by turning his or her life around requires getting help, making decisions and a commitment to an escape plan.  Whatever the cause of homelessness is, the homeless person is responsible for his or her circumstances.  


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