Friday, January 25, 2002


Meet at South Mountain Environmental Education Center

Park personnel will give us a brief introduction to South Mountain Park and environs.


         South Side Explorations

Divide into teams for today’s explorations
Determine strategies (include “ethnographic drive-bys”)
Take field notes, discuss ideas with your team, scope out project topic possibilities  

 Friday, February 1, 2002


Habitat personnel will give us an introduction to South Ranch and instructions for our construction tasks this morning. 

Construction—DRESS ACCORDINGLY!  Wear steel-toed boots or sneakers, work clothes.  We may be trussing a roof or landscaping or clearing a lot for a new house, as needed. 


 Habitat for Humanity staff will meet with us to tell us about the community, beyond hammering nails.  Included will be talks with staff and residents about qualifications for getting a home, who lives in South Ranch, the South Ranch homeowners association, the Stardust House, a walking tour of the community, etc

 Friday, February 8, 2002


Meet with Phoenix Police Officer Ron Snodgrass

Discussion about policing and crime in South Phoenix, impact of changes underway, etc.  Officer Snodgrass has served in South Phoenix many years and will share his experience and expertise. 

Meet with Karen Williams, City of Phoenix Rio Salado Project

We will learn all about the Phoenix Rio Salado Project, a major project long in planning and already underway, to restore the Salt River to its natural state.  We will also learn about the potential impact of this project “beyond the banks” of the riverbed as it cuts through the heart of South Phoenix.


 Central Avenue Documentation of all businesses between Baseline and Rio Salado.        

Click HERE to see the area my group covered.


 Friday, February 15, 2002


Phoenix City Council Representative Mike Johnson, District 8

Council rep Johnson’s district includes South and Central Phoenix.  As a new council member, a retired police officer, a long-time South Phoenix resident, it will be very interesting for us to learn about his vision for the future of this area, and perception of its changes.

Dean Brennan, City of Phoenix Planning Department

 We will learn about the city's plans for South Phoenix, the planning process itself, zoning, role of private developers, etc. Get your questions ready for an informative discussion!


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