Analysis of Day’s Field Experience

February 1, 2002

Today we met with some people from Habitat for Humanity. After our brief early morning overview we went off to work!  It was every bit as rewarding as I had expected and hoped it would be.  I have always felt that humans were meant to work with our hands for the betterment of others and ourselves.

Not only was the experience rewarding it was very educational as well.  I did not know that Phoenix had an entire Habitat Community and that it is the only one in the United States. The South Ranch community has been in existence for over seven years!  What a feat and it still looks great!  Isn’t that the opposite of what anyone would have anticipated?  Even I would have thought that eventually the beauty would give way to trash and weeds.  But it hasn’t.

One of the speakers today was the former President of South Ranch Community’s Home Owner’s Association (HOA), Genivieve Munoz.  Ms. Munoz stressed that this community is not like Arrowhead or any other subdivision. She said, “This neighborhood has a sense of neighborhood and community.” Moreover, she emphasized that people in South Ranch get to know one another and help each other out.  From our readings, especially No Place Like Home by David Guterson, I would think that HOA’s are absolutely worthless and fascist.  However, in the case of South Ranch I think it may actually be the guiding force that keeps it in good shape.

Overall my experience today was a very good one. I can see why the employees of Habitat For Humanity are so happy about where they work.  Christine, Noel and Rebecca are excellent representatives of their employer and were very informative.

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