So much of this city focuses on the negative aspects of south phoenix, but there are many, truly fantastic groups, facilities and organizations out there.

For instance, Habitat for Humanity...This is  an organization that permits lower to  middle class individuals and families to own their OWN home!! 

The home owners must qualify, and then help build their own home.  Once built there is a home-owner's association that the owners must abide by.  The subdivision usually includes a rec center (preschool, after school ) facility. However, this facility also serve in helping it's members in almost every conceivable way!  They often offer different types of classes, tax preparation help, job searches, etc.

This organization is a great opportunity for anyone not able to fit the standard requirements that goes along with homeownership.  If you are a single parent this is a great opportunity for you to own your own home!!!  Here are my classmates helping with  the  building of a house!