freeze-frame :    a frozen moment in time         

                         Afternoon Da-Lite 



        It's 2:30 Friday afternoon, I am standing at the corner of 7th avenue and Broadway in the parking lot of the DA-LITE Market and LIQUOR store.  It's a nice market to shop in and it has anything you may need from cool drinks, chips, sandwich makings, to magazines and newspapers but there is one thing missing.  It's my Frapaccino,  oh well I guess I can't have everything so  I decide to settle for a Pepsi.  Across the street is a Circle K convenience store and at the opposite corner is an AM-PM convenience store.

    I am surrounded by quick in and out type of stores.  This to me doesn't seem very cost effective but still the Da-Lite market grabs my attention.  As I zoom out to the edges of my picture frame I see a fruit and vegetable stand that I had visited earlier.  This stand  is owned by a man from Chandler, the fruits and nuts that he sells are very good.  I had bought an orange earlier in the day and they are very tasty, mmm and someone in my group bought some nuts.  This is a great place where you get a lot for your money, talk about stretching your dollars.

    As I stand in the parking lot I am observing everything that is going on around me I see the city bus pull up and let the kids off,  It's 2:40 in the afternoon and most of the kids look like they are High School age.  As I check out their clothing, I notice that they are wearing jeans; the girls seem to favor the low cut jeans and the guys the baggie type.  Khakis and tee shirts also seem to be in style.  I notice that they are carrying backpacks that seem to be pretty loaded down with books.  Times haven't changed much have they?  With all these books we carry we're all going to have back problems as we get older.  The ethnicity of most of the kids seems to be Hispanic or Black, I only noticed one Caucasian person.  The high school kids here look just like my old West Side neighborhood and it makes me chuckle because they remind me of myself at that age. 

      Looking at the images on the edges they start to blur, I notice an old trailer that seems to be out of place, it is surrounded by a little restaurant, stores, a park and a few other trailers. As I stand looking at the trailers I see a place that somebody calls their home.  It is a white single wide trailer with about a half a dozen other trailers around it ,there is trash and litter around the area.  I begin to wonder and ask myself questions such as who lives in these trailers? What do they do for a living ? What do they thing about all the changes taking place in their neighborhood, and what would they think about me if they were to see me standing here taking pictures of there home and commenting on the neighborhood?  It has been said that home is where the heart is, and it is my observation that no matter where we live ,we do all that we can to call it a home.  It doesn't really matter what the rest of the world sees and says about our homes, what matters most is that we have a place to call home and that it provides shelter to us and our families.


    There's  No place Like Home

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