Welcome to the Wide World of James Velasquez!

This is a picture of me and my girlfriend Vivianna Romero, I don't deserve her, I am a lucky guy!


I am a Senior @ ASU West, and believe me I can't wait to get out of here!
Major:  Political Science
I have a great GPA and I need a job.  Email me at jvelasquez@calldms.com if you want to hire me.


Are you a Political Animal?   
Please read my letter to the long standing residents of South Phoenix, theses residents and their  "crappy houses"  need your support


BroSis.jpg (35793 bytes)    These two pals are my brother Jonathan and my sister Jennifer.  Wow, a hug!

Right below is a map of the neighborhood around 75th Ave. and Peoria.  Go Murphy Mustangs, that is my old elementary school!



I am a huge fan The Simpson's, here is a link to the  Simpson's website!

Football fan?  To find out about a real football team click on the Dallas Cowboys website to find out when they will win another Super Bowl!!!  By the way, if you think you can battle my squad on Playstation Madden or NCAA 2002, JUST BRING IT!