Learning From South Phoenix

Welcome to my home page, my name is James Velasquez.   I was born and raised here in good old Arizona, I have seen Peoria, AZ grow from 4,000 in 1980 to over 65,000 people in just twenty years.  I have seen this quiet farming community replaced by some one of the wealthiest zip codes in the country, it is as if my old neighborhood is not even part of the community.  This will happen to South Phoenix, it has already begun.

Who is Pastor Albo and what does he know about moving out of his home to
 a new neighborhood in order to make room for "revitalization"?
This is his story...PastorAlbo.htm

Please read an open letter to the residents of South Phoenix...DearPhoenix.htm


FREEZE FRAME:  During my investigations to find out the effects of gentrification on residents living in the older neighborhoods of South Phoenix, I found myself in the middle of all the places my mom and dad kept me from when I was a kid.  The following is story about my initial memory frozen in time, of the first moment I stepped foot in the projects of what is known to long time Phoenix residents simply as " The South".  SeeingTheTruth.htm   



Let's not fool ourselves, what is happening to older, mostly minority communities in Phoenix has happened once before.  Gentrification must not be allowed to forget those that were here first.

To learn more about Gentrification in South Phoenix and around the United States, 
click here...WeWantYourLand.htm

Something for the kids man, for the kids!!!
Valley View Elementary, Up In Here! Up In Here!
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A bunch of my pals went for a cruise down Central Avenue last week.  Looking for a great place to eat?  How about buying some jewelry?  Check out what is going on down Central as you make your way to South Mountain. just click here to find out.../luisa/centralpresentation.htm
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