Who I Am


            My name is Julie Peterson and I am 21 years old. I have lived in Arizona my entire life, but would one day love to live near an ocean!! I am the middle child in a family of five!! I have two sisters, who are a blast to be around.

            I am a pretty laid back and drama free person, who loves doing crafts. I use crafts as my way of escaping anything that might be causing any stress in my life. I enjoy hanging out with friends, whether it be playing a game of soccer or just talking. I just love having positive people around me. Another interest of mine is animals. I am a huge dog fan. I have a pug puppy named Hope, who is one of the coolest dogs around. As far as my dislikes go, I am homebody and donít really enjoy going out to parties or places where there are large amounts of people. I absolutely hate cold weather, especially when there is snow. But other than that I love life and everything about it!

            Something that really changed who I am as a person, was volunteering at the Crisis Nursery, a shelter for abused children. It opened my eyes up to a world that I wanted to believe never existed. Working with those children, who were amazingly so strong and loving really taught me to always keep a positive attitude about life. I was a secondary education major before my volunteer work, but have since changed my major to early childhood education and also social work. I want to work with young children and get involved with CPS.

             To sum who I am up, I like to consider myself just  a simple happy girl, who just wants to have fun and cause no harm!!


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