Memory Map

            My name is Julie Peterson and I have lived in my house of 47th Avenue and Aster for almost my entire life. Growing up in a pleasant neighborhood allowed my childhood to be full of great memories. When I created my memory map, I drew the neighborhood that I remembered when I was a young child.

            My house is located in a cold de sac, that is right off the street named Aster. I live in a one story house that is surrounded by tall trees. To the right of my house, is the “Cat House”. My family appropriately named this house this because our neighbor, who no longer lives there, used to have at least 60 cats that would just run wild. It got so out of control that the Humane Society came in and removed them all one by one. The house to the left, is my childhood friend Jessica’s house. She was always jumping our wall to come and play! Across the street lived the Markum’s, our families grew very close while they lived across the street.

            Located in the middle of our cold de sac, was a painted line that construction workers painted for some reason. My friends and I used this line as the starting line to all of our races, whether they were on foot or bike.  However we would never run past the   house with the angry dog because we were scared the dog might jump the fence. Riding bikes was a huge part of my childhood. I would ride my bike all around the neighborhood and on my memory map the tree that is marked “Oak Tree- shade“, was the tree that we would all eat our lunches under during the summer time. When I got a little older I was allowed to ride my bike up to the McDonalds on the corner. I remember riding my bike the day that I met my friend Ben, who was standing outside his house (located on map). We became good friends, and we would ride bikes almost everyday. We would never want to ride by the mean lady’s house (located on map) because she would always yell at us.

            Although the neighborhood has changed greatly since my childhood, I will never forget all the great memories I had there as a child.

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