Learning From South Phoenix

This picture was taken in the very early morning on the day we worked on our Habitat for Humanity house at Villas Esperanza.


Char Bear


My name is Charity Spivey and at twenty-three years of age I have done a lot of living and learning in my short time in this crazy place we call earth.  However, you probably are not looking at this website to learn about me.  Most of you are likely here to learn about South Phoenix, so I will keep this very brief.  I am currently a junior at Arizona State University West and this feels like my second home.  I am a Criminal Justice major and I can tell you it has taken me a long time to finally decide on what direction I am going to take for the rest of my life.  I plan to go on to do field work in forensics once I finish my degree.  As for the nickname Char Bear, I have my best friends to thank for that name… 


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