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The World was my Oyster


                I grew up in the very little town of Gila Bend, Arizona.  Not many people have ever heard of it.  For those who have it is only because they have driven through it at some point either on the way to San Diego or Rocky Point.  As I began drawing my map I had a difficult time recalling many memories.  However, as I really began to dig deeper into my brain, I found that I was remembering so much I had to start my map over again because I had to fit more information on it. 

                My best friend in the world from ages seven to twelve years old was Mandy Hacker.  We had a lot of great times together riding her Shetland pony named Darkbar through the untamed desert that made up her back yard.  Mandy's Aunt Barb (who I also called Aunt Barb because I practically lived at her house) lived just about a quarter

mile down the desert strip from Mandy.  It was not far from Barb's house where I lost a pair of glasses when I was a young girl. 

                I also distinctly remember Mandy falling into the canal in town because she was trying to get a "clam" from the side down at the water's edge.  Of course, she was doing it for me because she got one for herself and I wanted one too but was too chicken to get it myself.  I can recall a feeling of sheer terror as she struggled to get out of the water and clamber back up the steep, slippery slope to the top.  She somehow managed to get out after me and my sister formed a kind of human chain to pull her to safety.  Looking back on it today I realize we are all lucky to be alive because we could have just as easily been pulled in the water too. 

      As children, our worldview is so different and innocent from what it is as we grow into adults.  We have no fear of the unknown, the only fear is to not live.  As children it is a part of our fiber to explore, to reach out, to learn.  I am grateful for the opportunity I had to grow out of my childhood and into my preteen years in good olí Gila Bend.  The entire town was my playground and I felt that it was mine to do anything I wished as long as my imagination would take me along for the ride.  What a ride it was!    


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