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My Personal Bio


            I am an Anthropology and Sociology major with a minor in History. I take classes mainly at Tempe campus, and live in Mesa. I am a fifth year senior graduating in May, and hope to attend graduate school at ASU Tempe in secondary education. I plan to teach high school history/social studies, and I would love to do so in my old school in Virginia.


            I grew up in Virginia just outside of DC until I came out here to ASU. Everyone always pictures West Virginia when I tell them that, but I assure you it is very different. The DC area is definitely a modern city, and I don't know why anyone here ever complains about traffic. Just try driving into DC... EVER!!!

            I think I bring a solid background in the social sciences to this class, and I am willing to drive in South Phoenix. I can't carpool with anyone because I already carpool with my FiancÚ and will probably get to class an hour early, but I have four seats open to anyone.


My Home Town Memory Map


My house is just below the middle of the map.  I lived there for 18 years before coming to ASU. Behind the house is a wooded area. My friends and I used to play there all the time, making forts, attacking each other, attempting to capture live animals for future medical testing. (Thankfully this never happened)

            Across the street is the house of my oldest friend Daniel. He was two years older than me, but I knew him since I was born. Next door is the house that had new owners every two or three years. I only knew two of them, but my closest friend in 5th and 6th grade lived there until he moved to Alaska. Next to that is Kent's house. Kent was my age. We played basketball in both our driveways all the time, but never really did anything else together.

            At the end of my street was a large cul-de-sac that all the neighborhood kids gathered in to play all sorts of sports. It never occurred to us that grass might be softer to fall on.

            Across the major road was the high school everyone went to, except me. It was the largest in the state, and while I technically graduated from it, I stepped foot in the building for standardized tests alone. Its a long story...

            Next to the school was the library, where my bowling friend Joseph and his mother worked. My dentist's and doctor's offices were in the complex just behind the library. Then there was King's Park, where the grocery store we never went to was. My parents always thought it smelled funny or something, but I only remember going in by myself after I started driving. There was also a great Chinese food place in the shopping center, and a People's (later to become a CVX).

            Finally was the other housing development that looked like an extension of our own, except the houses were twice the size and 20 years newer. OK, so it didn't look exactly like ours, but I remember the woods I played in that was there until one day a big fence went up and bulldozers tore out all the trees. Maybe that experience is why I am so interested in Urban Sprawl.


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