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  Hello all you urban anthropology students, south phoenix residents, interested public, and random web goers. My name is Jennifer Roberts. I’m currently an Integrative Studies student at ASU West with a concentration in Anthropology. Hopefully, by May of this year I will also be a graduate!  Born in El Paso, Texas I had moved with my family before my first birthday to New Mexico before developing any of that great Texan pride. A few years later, we moved again, this time to what I refer to as my ‘hometown’ of Lakeside, Arizona.  Lakeside is nestled up in the White Mountains near Sunrise Ski resort and the Navajo Indian reservation.  Perhaps it was here that my interest in Anthropology unconsciously took hold.  It could have been the pottery shard and arrowhead hunts that I went on in the forests while my dad was busy cutting firewood for a living that sparked interest (I didn’t know at the time that I was disturbing what may have been an minor archeological site! Oopps!).  Or maybe it was just one of the many episodes of Travel Channel and Discovery Channel that I sat transfixed watching as a small tribe in Africa performed an initiation ritual or pierced a part of their body with a 10 inch needle. However it came to be I always remember wanting to travel and wanting to see, if not understand, those people that held such a different worldview than my own.  Since then I’ve taken several anthropology classes through my academic career which have altered or perhaps refined my interests.  I have also spent one fabulous semester living and studying in Sydney, Australia which has stimulated my international interests even more.  This semester being my final semester as an undergraduate, I am grateful to Dr. K for providing such an interesting field- based class that allowed me the opportunity to use anthropological concepts gained throughout my academic career within the context of my own city. 


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