Charity's South Phoenix Personal Bio

By Charity A. Hicks

        On January 14, 1975, I, Charity A. Hicks, was born in South Phoenix at Good Sam Hospital, which at that time was considered Downtown on Thomas. In 1979-1980 my family, which consists of Mom, Dad, and Butch, lived in a little house located near 27th Avenue and Roosevelt. As of March 2005, the cemetery on 27th Avenue, just down the street from where I used to live, is still present. I lived on a street just South of Roosevelt called Garfield Road.
We had a corner lot and my kindergarten class was around the block. My brother and I used to walk home from school together. In fact, I recall an episode of Duck-Duck-Goose (the popular childhood game where everyone sits in a circle as one person walks around touching each head while saying Duck-Duck---and then Goose when tagging someone to be chased by) at recess when I got hit in the eye with a rock by a boy.
        Across the street and a couple of houses down from us lived a man who had a very pretty house inside. His house was a bit grim and dark, but he had great 60ís and 70ís furniture and dangling beads from the kitchen doorway. Down the street a few more houses lived my friend Maria. Her family was from Mexico, but she was born in the States. She came to my birthday party one year, and I went to her house also one time.
        My house caught on fire in 1980, and my father received 3rd degree burns from the waist down. The doctors almost had to amputate his legs, but they were able to save them. We had two beautiful Great Dane dogs and a beautiful orange van with pictures of trees on them.



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