Project 1

FREEZE-FRAME  By Charity A. Hicks

      Sitting at the Ranch Market on Central and Southern, I narrow my gaze in on a family of four. I watch the interactions between a father, mother, and two boys (approx. age three and five) of Hispanic decent. The mother has a beautiful smile as she engages in play and conversation with her two boys. She presents herself quite differently than most women that I have seen in supermarkets across town. This woman is very modestly dressed. She does not appear to be wearing designer clothes, but in fact, she has clean and simple clothes adorning her body. She is beautiful in a pure and simple way, much different than the flashy, half-exposed women in other parts of town. Her hair is long and well kept.
        Her husband is a handsome man who constantly gazes into her eyes as he smiles. The two boys are adorable and seem extremely happy with their time at the market. In the background loud music plays as families and friends mingle. The setting is in a Hispanic market/deli/bakery/hang-out joint. Apparently at 1:00 in the afternoon these people enjoy the company of others as they shop for groceries and have a bite to eat. In the produce section is where all of this takes place. The setting is rumbling with chatter, as the folk engage in shopping, eating, ordering food, and visiting with each other.
        Piñatas hang from the ceiling, giving a festive feel to the passers-by. Also in celebration of Valentine’s Day approaching, lights and decorations are spread along the walls and ceilings. The atmosphere is warm and friendly, in contrast with the rather dry and quiet markets I have visited in various parts of the valley. People seem to appreciate the time spent with friends and loved ones; seeing the market as not just a place to replenish the goods in their kitchen, but also a festive occasions.


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