Project 6



By Charity A. Hicks

        Habitat for Humanity is a non-profit agency dedicated in providing low cost housing to those with low income and for first-time home buyers. The organization is Christian-based and internationally funded. This organization seeks to provide affordable housing for those who live in overcrowded and poor living conditions. They also serve the community by helping first-time home buyers who do not qualify for traditional home loans.
        A purchasing family pays for the home by helping to build it, and also the loan is at zero percent interest; therefore, a home is made more affordable due to the no interest loan. Moreover, a qualifying family will donate what is called “sweat equity hours,” which must total 400 (100 hours are towards a neighbor’s home, and 300 hours must be sweat on their own to be home). Volunteers can contribute to the organization in the following ways: construction, fundraising, family services, and office work.
        I spent time with Habitat for Humanity with a group of fellow students from ASU West. We helped paint, landscape, clean-up, and whatever else the maintenance crew found for us. This program has had a phenomenal impact on the community. Hundreds of families are able to live in nice homes and neighborhoods while paying only a fraction of what it would cost to own their homes with conventional lending. People who could only dream of one day owning their own home due to the expenses of purchasing property (closing costs and especially interest tacked onto each month’s payment) can now live in beautiful neighborhoods at about the same rate as renting an apartment.


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