Project 2

On February 3, 2005 I paused for a freeze frame on a side street just south of Broadway and east of 16th Street. Down this side street I saw some type of business with no name. It was surrounded by a 6 foot steel or aluminum privacy fence and directly behind it was a school. Across the street were some houses and an apartment complex. But what I was amazed by was a brick home that sat all alone at the very end of the street. It was huge (3000 or 4000 square feet at least). It had to be on an half an acre or larger piece of property, which is very rare for the northern part or the heart of South Phoenix. It did have a horse on the property, but no farming equipment like most homes that have this much land. The yard was nice and neat. The up keep of this home get a gold star rating and the size of the lot made it stand out and really interesting to see. You could automatically tell that the owners are well off or semi-wealthy, especially for their neighborhood. This house sits on the south side at the end of the street, and you can only make a right turn. On the north side of the street after making the turn I noticed the more familiar older homes, one right next to the other. These older homes were made of brick and/or stucco with deteriorating stucco and/or a missing brick or two. These homes were also in desperate need of painting. Some of the yards had over grown weeds and grass in spots. Others were cluttered with junk and children’s toys.
        I wondered what the neighbors thought about the size of lot their homes sits on compared to the gigantic lot of this particular home. I wonder if the neighbors are friendly to one another, because today’s trends are competition, jealousness, and enviousness. A better term used in South Phoenix is just pure HATING. The neighborhood is pretty quiet and empty aside from the big hound dog in one of the un-maintained yards of the older homes across the street from the amazing brick house.
        In the Business section of the Arizona Republic dated December 15, 2002, I found that according to the National Association of Realtors “the median price of a used Phoenix-area home reached $144,300 at the end of the third quarter”. “Housing analysts say the Valley’s relatively affordable and abundant supply of land helps keep the area’s home prices reasonable”. I would love to buy another home, especially this amazing brick home if I could get it for the median price or at least in the median’s ballpark range.

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