Spring 2006


Please COPY the photos you wish to use for your own web pages into your own folder.  (do NOT link them)
NAME them something descriptive so you can remember the image.

Photos taken by classmates

Test Images For web page workshop 1/21/05. 
Try copying a photo to put on one of your own web pages.
Photos from 1/27/06 First day explorations
Any more photos???
Stardust House and miscellaneous photos from 2/3/06
Matt's photos up to 2/3/06
2/3/06  photos--dr k
Matt's photos from 2/10/06
Habitat for Humanity day 2/24/06
Aloy's photos--several days worth

Darlene's photos

Ash's photos

Jackie's photos

Matt's Salt River Bike Ride photos
There are lots of these, so here are four groups for easier viewing.
Rio Salado Project day--dr k

Matt's photos from 3/10/06, including the hi-rent homes

Mini movies!

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