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Habitat for Humanity is a community non-profit organization that assists families in purchasing a home. This group provides communities support for independent living. Millard and Linda Fuller founded Habitat for Humanity in 1976. Habitat for Humanity International has built and rehabilitated more than 150,000 houses with families in need, and has become a true world leader in addressing the issues of poverty and housing.  By providing affordable housing and community involvement this program is set up to restore independence for families by aiding them and lending a helping hand financially and physically to potential homeowners. Families participating in the Habitat for Humanity program go through a series of steps before a home is complete.   A family starts by obtaining an approved application and then provides ‘sweat hours” or “sweat equity” by hands on process participation of helping build their new home. These steps become stepping stones and provide a sense of self worth, not only for individual gain, but  for unity within the community. Habitat invites people of all backgrounds, races and religions to build houses together in partnership with families in need. The goal is to promote self sufficiency for families seeking affordable housing and independence. A habitat home is not just for individual freedom, but for a family’s success in connecting with society. Being a homeowner is a positive asset and a great responsibility for ones self and the harmony of community.

          An article by Camilo Jose Vergara,” Bunkering the Poor: Our Fortified Ghettos”  talks about the poverty level in unchangeable portions of society and the pressure of how society has accepted  poor conditions of living within the Ghetto. The living conditions of these poor families have been compared to a prison environment with bars on the windows, dark hallways, concrete floors where the children play and metal detectors in the schools. These prison type conditions are present in our great American communities and represent the poor with darkness, resentment and depression. Habitat for Humanity shines a light within these conditions and gives those in need an opportunity to make change for their family; this program also provides change and success within local communities of our great American cities.