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In America there are the wealthy and the poor.  Mainstream Phoenix identifies south central phoenix as having more limited living conditions, shacks and graffiti divides the communities. There are two characteristic that stood out as I strolled in the neighborhood of the" south side”. One being the presence of low riders and the other is the art work or wall murals in what mainstream society would call the ghetto.

Low riders are vehicles which are fabricated to an individuals taste for life, culture, and ones own pleasure. Low riders become a tool that is used to represent self identity and to incorporate a voice within society. A low rider represents independence for individual in a dual society  when sharing the importance of  low rider detailed culture or there is the use of  murals to depict ancestral  history or importance to there identity.  These murals on the Low Riders are a significant piece of visual art work that shows the dynamics of community involvement within the culture of the Low-rider, they represent a voice of their owners. Art work is the communities’ way of showing the relationship between the influences of society and the heart beat of individualism. They create a support system within the low rider communities. Low riders are transmitting behavior patterns, arts, beliefs, institutions, and all other products of human work and thought.