Memory Map

The map I drew is of one of the neighborhoods in Cincinnati, Ohio where I grew up.  I was probably about 9 when my family moved there and about 12 when we sold the house and moved to another side of town. It was a brand new subdivision in a pretty newly developed part of town.  The area was somewhat rural and mostly wooded and my neighborhood in particular was surrounded on both sides by two fairly large creek beds that if followed would eventually run into the Ohio River.  Actually the Ohio was about a 30 minute walk through the woods, just west of where I lived.  If you were at the top of my street and looked really hard over the trees tops you could see Kentucky on the other side. 

In general, I really had fun living there.  I liked playing outdoors mostly and remember riding my bike in many of the empty lots and racing with my friends down the street.  I also liked going to friends’ houses in the neighborhood, as well as hiking to them by means of trails through the woods, building forts, investigating and playing at the two creeks nearby and generally doing what every other pre-teen would do. I particularly remember finding an old hunters' trail in the woods that led me straight to the Ohio River when I followed it.  Once while in the woods, I found the antlers and skull and other remains left from a “kill” by some hunters. There also were many good hilly areas around the neighborhood, especially some good steep ravens along the two creeks that were good for sledding in the winter.

 As you can see, I had a lot of fun living in that neighborhood and really missed the surroundings when my family moved to an older and more established subdivision further in town.  In my new location, there were less outdoor activities to occupy my time and I pursued other hobbies and pastimes.    So, I guess what I’m trying to say is enjoy and savor your childhood memories.

Learning From South Phoenix   Tom Haas