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Seven Fridays in South Phoenix

Observations, Reflections, and Photographs by Matthew Alan Lord

Snapshots of a Community in Transition

This website was produced as part of the Learning From South Phoenix class taught by Dr. Kristin Koptiuch, a professor at ASU's West Campus.  As the title suggests, I spent seven Fridays in South Phoenix in Spring 2006 observing, listening, recording ideas, sharing conversations, and taking photographs.

I have been conducting a case study of South Phoenix' neighbor, Laveen, for the last couple years.  I took the course as a way to gain a fresh perspective on what has been happening in Laveen, and to explore the similarities and differences of these communities.

I also used the class to experiment with website design and composition, particularly in presenting the numerous photographs.  In hindsight, some solutions worked better than others.  Most are intuitively arranged, but certain sections require a little patience for downloading.  I hope that you will both enjoy and be challenged by the images themselves.

The text in the column on the left contains links that will take you to the essays, written and photographic, on topics ranging from disappearing farm fields to a major environmental remediation effort to seeing South Phoenix from the bus.

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Matthew Alan Lord

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