Freeze Frame: The Flags

            As I zoomed into an object with a camera I noticed two flags; United States and the Mexican Flag. As I was standing there I listened to all the things going on around me. I could hear Spanish being spoken, Spanish music being played, and I could smell Mexican food somewhere in the distance. As I began to zoom out slowly I began to notice the sign of the Ranch Market and several people walking out of the store. People tried to get through the revolving bars that were made to let people out or in with an orderly fashion. However the revolving bars seemed to be jammed or locked so people began to walk around to another exit or simply hop over the bars themselves.

            As I was standing there I also noticed that almost all the signs around the outside of the store were all in Spanish or Spanglish (Spanish/ English clashed). I thought to myself on why they would have some words in English. Then I realized it is simply because of people like us, we were the minority and because of that we were given the so called “second hand”. I call it a second hand simply because in the first hand things are made very clear to the majority people. Where as the second hand is the one that gives just enough information to get a general idea of what is going on. Being in South Phoenix really opened my eyes and by doing this freeze frame I noticed a lot more than I would have if I hadn’t. I thought today was very productive and definitely something I look forward to doing more often.