Narrative: New in the Old

On Friday, February 14, 2006 after we had met with our two guest speakers; William Calvo (Low-riders) and Martin Moreno (Muralist) we went in search for lunch. Like all the other times we go out to lunch we seem to take at least 30 minutes to find a place. But the good thing is we can observe the areas as we are looking for a place to eat. The funny thing is we were looking to the restaurant called, “Amaro” the place that most thought was really good. But when we finally got there we were rather disappointed simply because they seemed to be out of everything. As soon as we got there we were told by our host that they had no sandwiches available. So we figured, well we came here because of the pizza because that’s what everyone said was good. In any case I had to leave and go do something and when I got back my group were getting ready to leave. I asked Thomas what was gin on and he said well they don’t have dough so they can’t make pizza, truly a disappointment.

Again still hungry and desperate for food we remembered that we saw an Applebee’s less than a block from where Amaro’s was; which was right off 18th St. and Baseline. So we decided to go there, when we got there we were told that there was a half an hour wait. Inside I know out group laughed and so we decided to go to another restaurant called the Red Brick House Pizza; there we had our very delicious lunch with good service. After all that I discovered and thought to myself that it was less than a block away from where the “lower part” of South Phoenix was that nice homes and nice brand new strip malls were popping up. There was just a different feel to the surrounding and it really felt that I was near my own house while being in the “newer” part of South Phoenix. The experience was different because we had been researching in the older parts of South Phoenix and we drove less than 2 minutes and we were in a whole new environment.