Open Letter

     It is still hard for me to believe how, after living in Phoenix for about eight years I have never even visited South Phoenix. Perhaps it was because of the negative perspective that I had toward the area in terms of crime and safety. From reading the newspaper and listening to people I thought that South Phoenix was an unsafe, crime infested place, impossible for an outsider to live or even be in.  

     Dr. Koptiuch’s South Phoenix course has not only proven me wrong, it was a great opportunity for me to spend some time there and see for myself what kind of community South Phoenix really is. The class was very interesting as well as informative and educational. In seven weeks that I spent in South Phoenix I have gained a great deal of knowledge. I interacted with and at the same time learned about different residents of South Phoenix. Through reading the course material, listening to guest speakers, and talking to people I have also learned about the changes that are occurring throughout South Phoenix communities. What made it so interesting for me to learn about South Phoenix was the contrast of where I live and what I am used to and the uniqueness of South Phoenix in its own way. The different cultures, communities, murals, and low riders among others are the characteristics that make South Phoenix so unique and special.

     At the end of the day I am glad and feel very fortunate that I have taken the opportunity to spend time in and learn about South Phoenix.


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