Questions We Asked the S.Phx Teens

Ash Rupp

1. What kind of changes have happened in the south phoenix area in the recent years that have impacted, for better or worse your life as a teenager?
(i.e. new places to hang out, things to do, new concerns or issues, present attitudes towards already existing or new places, things and people etc.)

2. Have you noticed any changes in your community? a) Are they good or bad? b) What are your thoughts about the changes that are happening?

3. What do you think about the idea of South Phoenix being called South Mountain Village?

4.  What kinds of things do you guys do after school?  (Where are your ‘hangouts’?)
5. What safety issues are you most concerned about in your neighborhood, if any? 

6. Are there particular areas in your neighborhood you feel safer than others?

7. Is there a particular time frame when you don't especially feel safe?

8. Do you find yourself taking precautions in order to feel safe (at school, in your neighborhood)?  If so, what precautions?

9. Do you have a story or experience regarding safety? If so, tell.