The Infamous Brick Wall


The beautiful view of downtown Phoenix was the   reason why so many of the residents near 7th Avenue and Dobbins bought homes there.  The mountains behind them and the city view in front of them, why wouldn't anyone want to live there.  This is one reason why KB Homes decided to build there.  KB Homes is planning to build 190 homes in the price range of $130,000 to $200,000.  The homes didn't seem to have bothered the residents it was the noise and obstruction of the view that brought the concern.  This wall stood about 12 feet tall and blocked their view of the city.  But the day they decided to mess with Cecelia (picture above along with granddaughter Trinity) is the day they wish they didn't come at all.

In October, when it all started, Cecelia decided to take affirmative action against the home builders.  She started a petition along with her fellow neighbors and protested down to the city councilmen that it obstructed their view of the city and that it would make noise echo as if it was in her home.  She made a comment that one day a fire truck drove down the street and the noise had echoed off the wall and make it seem that the truck was in her home. But in her defense, she was told that by the original buyers that an iron rod fence was suppose to be put up instead of a wall, but when the new buyers, KB Homes, came they didn't inform the residents that they were going to put up the wall. So because of their lack of concern, KB Homes lost a lot of money putting up the brick wall and than having to take them down also including having to put iron rod fences.

Today the infamous brick wall that caused so much controversy is down and out for good.  It wasn't just the fact that their view was blocked it was the trust between the residents and KB Homes.  So now Cecelia and all the other residents who fought will now be able to be wall free. 











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