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Koptiuch Class Spring 2003


Having diversity in all aspects such as; nationalities and economic is what makes our world so unique.  Not every two people are going to be exactly the same, its not like we live in Pleasant Ville.  No one will live a normal life where the father works and the mother stays home and take care of their perfect kids and their perfect home.  There's not such a place to call "perfect" in our world today.  In reality, many families need both parents to work and sometimes even the children.  That is normal for the families that live in Arizona, especially South Phoenix. 



  Habitat For Humanity is a non-profit organization that strives to improve the poverty housing. Habitat homeowners help families who cannot qualify for traditional home loan and wish to purchase a home for the first time.  But they first need to qualify for the home first.  Some of the qualifications include: income between 30%-60% of the median income, 2 year stable income, good credit, and complete 400 hours of sweat equity (100 hours within 3 months and 300 hours before you move into your home).  The homes include a 3-bedroom ($93,000) and a 4-bedroom ($94,000), which include a refrigerator and a stove donated by Whirlpool.

 construction-026g                          construction-025g                      

Recently I had the opportunity to actually help build a home for a family along with my fellow classmates and see the love and devotion that goes into each and every dry wall put up. The main reason why many of these homes were built was because of a special man named Romeo.  Romeo who was a volunteer for many years along with other volunteers directed our class in making a dream come true.

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Members of Habitat For Humanity



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