What's The Difference?











The only difference I see here is the personality.  The old homes and the new homes are the exact in the sense that they are homes to families. Some people like their house with color and uniqueness. Not everyday do you see a house that has a obsession of Coca-Cola. This house has class in its own category.  It may look old and run down, but I see these old homes as blank canvas in that the owners can do what they want to their homes.  As you can see above, the owners did what they want without having a Homeowners Association like the newer homes do. HOA's restrict what can be done to your home.  In personal experience my dad was fine $25.00 just because we had a car parked on the sidewalk.  I know that it is only $25.00, but I thought that when my family bought the home that it was our home. I thought it was ridiculous that we couldn't even park on our sidewalk in front of our home.  That's another good reason why older homes are in my favor. They don't have to deal with the HOA's and their fee every month.









 The new homes above have their likings and disliking. Including that the homes do look better and they have cleaner front yards. Inside the home pretty much distinct them because they are larger and have more spacious areas. I think the front yards and the style of the homes is what attracts people.  When I drive around and I see houses, I see the house not inside.  Its what catches my eye first.  Idon't like the fact that they look identical to the house next door or to the house across the street. The older homes above may look all trashy and dirty, but its the way the owners want it.  The new homes have restrictions on what they can put in their front yards. The only difference I see with the homes of the future and the homes of the past is that the past homes put their personalities in their front yards and the future homes put their personalities inside their homes.



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