This Is Me!!!! 

Well wouldn't it be great to know who I was since your reading my page right?

My full name is Cristy Loun Inthavong and I was born in Phoenix, Arizona on August 1, 1983.  I have been living in Arizona my whole life.  My middle name actually means The youngest or the Baby.  And that is very true.  I am the youngest of 4 kids.  I have one older brother and two older sisters.  Were all about 2 years apart from one another.  I am majoring in Social and behavioral sciences, but not sure what I am going to do with it yet.  I graduated from Deer Valley High School in 2001 and now it is Spring of 2003.  . I played tennis my freshman through junior year. Go sky hawks!!!! This is my first semester at ASU West.  Its a great school and I advise everyone to attend here!! :)


In this picture, Professor Koptiuch kept on calling me Kamaili.  It took her awhile to figure it out, but she did.  I was working on my web page until I had my picture taken. I hate taking pictures.  That's a big emphasis on HATE.




Here I'm trying to figure something to do.  I look confused.  I'm not much with tools and nails. I barely got to use the drill.




I put this in just because I thought this was hilarious. I wonder sometimes why people put these kinds of billboards up.  But you never know, right?




As you can tell I don't like taking pictures, that's why I don' have other pictures.  Maybe in the future I might put some on and that a big maybe. Well hope you like my page and learn something.  I'll be happy if you got one little piece of information out of my page. 



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