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Growing up in Phoenix, I didnít realize the atmosphere of South Phoenix. Since taking Urban Geography, I didnít even know what South Phoenix was. All I knew that it was a city just like any other city. But what I found out was that its not. It has its own personality and trait like the rest of Arizona.  I believe now that each of our cities has their own certain feeling that they want to give out.

In my opinion South Phoenix gives the city a true vibe of Mexico.  It has authentic Mexican food, grocery, and clothing stores.  There are not many areas in which you get to see colorful stores especially the Hip Hop Cafť.  Itís this cool blue cafť that Professor Koptiuch shared with us. The Ranch Market is another example of the colorful stores.  This market is like no other market in the city because their bakery selection is so good and the color of the pastries makes it so much better. The aroma fills your nose with so many flavors that you canít resist buying something.  I guess you just have to go. I recommend buying everything

The problem with the perception of South Phoenix is that people donít give credit to the upscale improvement that it has in the past years.  To tell you the truth I was one of those people who didnít want to go there because of the stories of the crime and vandalism.  But since taking Urban Geography, I realize that my assumptions were wrong.  The crime has actually gone down and the environment has gotten better.  The building of new homes and stores backs that up. One very positive aspect of living in South Phoenix is the view of our land.  Itís better in the sense that your only ten minutes away from downtown.

This experience has shown me that taking time in building something, greatness shall arise.  As many of us know, the beauty of South Phoenix is still growing.


Cristy Inthavong                                                   



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