6622 South Central

Deborah Jenkins

 A building caught my eye as I first drove down Central this morning. The building at first looked to be a car wash but it also had a sign on it that said, “Hair cuts $7.00 and up”. I thought to myself how funny it seems to get your car detailed along with your hair!

     This old tan building has blue tarps on one of its sides to shade the cars as they are being cleaned. The pop machine has blue bars around it, as do the windows. As I focused in on the front of the building I saw posted on the door to the barbershop a sign that said “Roberto’s Barber shop”. Focusing in closer on the inside of the shop there is only one barber cutting hair and two barber chairs. Hair on the floor next to the empty chair may indicate that he is the only person running things and keeps too busy to clean up often. The old shop was built in 1975 and is still owned by the original owner; he leases out the car wash side. In the small room  three waiting chairs with an elderly man sitting in one of the chairs reading a magazine. The shop provides entertainment in the form of a PAC man and a pinball machine.

    This building seems to be a local hangout. I wonder what stories of the South Phoenix community the walls of this old barbershop hold?


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