Clean up before building up!

  Deborah Jenkins

    Why are they building so many expensive houses in an area that has the worst air quality in Phoenix? Do the people who are spending almost forty percent of their earnings a month know how bad the air is that their children are being exposed to? If the new “South Village” is going to be so much better with the Rio Salado Park and all the nice houses then why isn’t the city pushing for better air here?

Why would people buy a new house that has disproportionately built toxic waste facilities in the low-income predominately minority area of South Phoenix? Is it because the public in general is not aware of these issues?

The general Public may not understand that some sites may contain PCB’s (polychlorinated biphenyl) a group of synthetic organic chemicals that bind to the soil and are transferred in the blowing dust. This harmful chemical stays in the body fat and liver for months or even years. Some of the effects of exposure are lung irritation, respiratory problems, altered immune response and liver damage.

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