A Little About Myself

    Before you navigate through these pages maybe I should tell everyone a little about myself.  My name is Kurt DeRuyter and I have lived in Phoenix for three years after moving from Milwaukee. I have a wonderful family with two loving parents, an older sister and a younger brother. Really they are a pain in the butt, which is why I moved 2,000 miles away.  Just Kidding!  School had become too expensive, and I needed a change. I selected Arizona because of its formerly inexpensive tuition and a few other factors like a warmer climate and friends who recently found their way to the sunshine state.

    I began school at ASU West as soon as I was able to claim residency in the state of Arizona, and have two years left for my teaching certificate.  I look forward to teaching wherever my travels will lead me, and I feel that my past and hopefully future travels will allow me to teach in a variety of environments.  My travels which include Canada, Mexico, and Central America have also enabled me to remain as open-minded  as any situation will allow. With that said,  I hope my website along with my classmate's websites allow you readers to "travel" to south Phoenix via the internet so you can see what it south Phoenix is really about.  If you have any questions or comments feel free to email me if you would like: kdherbertk@netscape.net


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