Learning from South Phoenix




To those who are concerned about South Phoenix,




            When was the last time you have been to south Phoenix? It has been a while for me also. Hanging out on the south side used to be a common thing for me on the weekends back in my younger years. Lately Iíve been busy with school and work and just daily life. The Learning From South Phoenix course has brought me back to my old hangout but this time to study the area and its people. I must admit South Phoenix has changed greatly. Itís not the run down part of town it used to be. The city is currently pumping money into the south side and trying to rebuild the south mountain village into a primary community. The south mountain village is now home to Community Centers including the Travis Williams Center and the Ed Pastor Transportation Center. South Phoenix is also home to new homebuyers who have recently purchased new homes which are growing and expanding like weeds. You can see all the changes in South Phoenix right before your eyes and if you have ever visited the community years ago you can see that changes has taken place.

            One would think that the new uprising in South Phoenix is a positive move. But for whom are the new developments for? Where were these centers and new construction for the people who have lived in south Phoenix years ago. Some of the old residents of South Phoenix fear they are slowly being pushed out as their old neighbors have been moved to the West side of Phoenix. Are the new developments meant for the new residents in South Phoenix. I applaud the positive plans that the city has for South Phoenix, but I feel as though they are forgetting the older residents of the village. South Phoenix has primarily been the home of Hispanic and Blacks. You can see their culture on any street corner. But with the new changes of South Phoenix I hope for the peoples sake they donít forget the true people of the community.  For the real residents of South Phoenix don't let your community die.



Dax Ramirez


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