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Romeo from Habitat for Humanity.

               Habitat for Humanity

On Febuarary 7th our group from ASU West helped in constructing a new home. Our job for the day was to assist in hanging drywall. This project was made possible by Habitat for Humanity, a non-profit organization that organizes a program to help less fortunate families qualify for a new home for a low, zero percent interest mortgage.

 The morning started out very fast as we were thrown into the work area and given very narrow directions of what we were supposed to do. As we worked through the difficulty of the tasks, most of us not having had any previous construction experience, we started to make progress. I found that the foreman named Romeo would let us work for a while then came by later to explain to us our mistakes. His technique of corrective action was difficult for some of us to understand as we looked at each other with expression of disbelief and verbal blurts of "Why didn't he say that in the first place". I found that his method was the quickest way for him to keep in communication with all of the workers.

     The work came easier for most of us. As I found myself feeling as though I had done this type of work before although I had never hung drywall. This experience in homebuilding was my first and I would say it was a good one. When it was time to leave I found that I didn't want to stop working, I was really enjoying the new work to which I had been introduced.

     After our half-days work was finished I felt clean inside knowing that I participated in something positive not just for myself but for someone I would never know. The work was enjoyable as was the esteem achieved by being part of a team that would positively impact someone's life forever. This is something I would definitely want to participate in the future.

        My class and I receiving instructions on hanging dry wall from Romeo. The Learning from South Phoenix group shot.   



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