Learning from South Phoenix

Foothills Village Section 8 Planning

Manny Gonzalez housing director for Foothills.

On Febuarary 21st my ASU west class and I visited a section 8 housing community. Manny Gonzalez housing director for the city of Phoenix accompanied us. He educated us on the project plan to house low-income families. There are many districts in the city that contain these communities. South Phoenix just happens to be one of the areas we were able to look at since we are studying that particular village in the city.

          When our class took the tour of the townhouses I was surprised that they were very spacious. I was told by one of my classmates who migrated from back east and who has experience with section 8 communities that the townhouses were in pretty good shape compared to the ones in his hometown of Chicago. The neighborhood however looked unsafe as a place to raise young children and also a danger to raise young teens that are at their most vulnerable stage. Manny told us that there is drug and gang activity in the community, but he also sees to it that any criminal activity amongst the tenants means an immediate eviction. The discounted rent of the property looks attractive to any one in need, but I personally would not recommend the community to anyone I know. Nonetheless if you need a roof over your head then you have to do what is necessary to survive, and Foothills village is a step away from homelessness.


Pictures of the Foothills community and housing.

Dax Ramirez

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