Learning From South Phoenix



low-low chilling at Southern and Central.


I still remember south Phoenix how it was 8 years ago when I used to hang out there with my friends. It was always late at night during car show weekends so Central was lit up like a Christmas tree. It was filled with low riders and euros dressed out from paint jobs to rims. The streets were always full with girls and it was a favorite place for meeting new people. The streets always sounded like some kind of audio sound off with all the cars bumping their stereos. It was always like a big giant block party all the way from Broadway to Baseline. Red's hydraulics and Frank's hydraulics were popular places to hang out. Since my journey in south Phoenix started with this class I noticed that these places are gone. The younger generation has moved from the low-rider scene to the racing euro scene. You don't see many customized low-rider shops left; most of the shops are selling racing equipment for cars instead of low-rider accessories. I would consider myself part of that low-rider culture as I too had a car dressed in low-rider accessories, but it seems as though that age has moved on from the scene. You still see low riders here and their but they are not plentiful as they once were. I think as the people of the age group moved on so did the low riders. This new euro racing faze has come and like the low riders it will pass throughout the night. I believe the circle will come around again and so will the low riders.


A mural in south Phoenix and t-shirts describe the low-rider population.


Dax Ramirez

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