Differing Views Of South Phoenix

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            I am viewing the Valley of the Sun from one of the Southern most points as I begin to focus my eyes out towards the farthest sights that I can see.  My eyes zoom to the distance and what I see is the top of the Bank One tower.  I am looking at this blue steeple-like feature on a large building.  I notice that this must be the center of a thriving metropolitan area.  I see a downtown area as my eyes zoom out, buildings creating a mountain-like upshot, and I can tell that this direction must be north.  Power lines and smog cloud my view of this large area.  Rows and rows of poles and cables make me notice how developed this city really is.  The air seems hazy and heavy, there is no doubt that people live here.  Technology and infrastructure are the basis of a community and it shows with the buildings and roads nearby. 

            As I notice the area that I am currently exploring, old dilapidated buildings and torn up roadways in need of fixing.  As I zoom even further out I can see palm trees, some look very large and tall, and some have huge beards of light grey leaves.  Two of these palms have keeled over; it looks like they have died from the dry heat and no source of necessary nutrients.  Closer to me I see new buildings with beautiful Sonoran architecture and structures with light pinks and teals that dazzle in the light of the sun.  A new YMCA and DMV, show growth and a new neighborhood in this old town.  These buildings seem like they are putting on a front, the outside fašade of these buildings is not like the rest of the structures around here. 

            The valley area is a large urban center with many of these communities, some larger and some smaller.  In the middle of a desert a large metropolitan web of people, roads, and buildings makes up the city of Phoenix.  This is an even larger land mass, the North American Continent.