Working At Habitat For Humanity

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The need for civilized and reasonably priced housing around the world is shocking.  Around 25 percent of the world's population, which is 1.5 billion people, live in poor quality housing or do not have a home at all.  People are forced to live in horrible conditions; they often have no home suitable for living in and sometimes no roofs and just open walkways as doors.  In the United States there are families living in poor conditions too.  There are families living in apartments meant for only 2 people, and yet it is packed with people.  There are also families living in run down housing projects in the inner city and it gets even worse too.

            Habitat for Humanity is building around the world, they are devoted to the idea that all people deserve a decent place to live on rates they can afford to pay.  They work in partnership with volunteers, churches and synagogues, organizations and the new homeowner families.  Habitat for Humanity is doing a great job at building so people can live and enjoy life. 

            Habitat is a nonprofit organization, and they do welcome all people to join as they build houses in partnership with those in need of satisfactory shelter.  Since 1976, Habitat has constructed more than 125,000 houses in more than 80 countries; in this they built some 45,000 houses across the United States.

            Habitat houses are purchased by the families which will occupy the home.  There are three main factors that make Habitat homes reasonably priced to low-income people worldwide:  Houses are sold at no profit and there is no interest charged on the mortgage, homeowners and volunteers build the houses under trained supervision, and other peoples provide financial support.

            Inhabitants in the homes are chosen depending on the individualís needs and their ability to pay for the home in installments, and being able to put in hours by working on Habitat houses.  Habitat does not discriminate according to race, religion or ethnic group when placing people in homes.

            Throughout the world, the cost of Habitat houses goes from as little as $800 in some developing countries to an average of $46,600 in the United States.  In Phoenix the houses are going for around $75,000.

            Habitat is providing help and doing a great deed in so many countries throughout the world.  Habitat isnít needed in the Balticís (Sweden, Norway, Finland) anymore, because there are now homes for everyone in these countries and nobody is left without shelter.  I felt great after helping out Habitat.  I was putting up dry-wall, and working on the ceiling and various walls doing this.  I have a home and some people do not, I definitely feel a need to help people that are not as lucky as I am.  Habitat doesnít help homeless people, but gives poor and working families a chance to get a nice home to live in.  Everybody deserves a good place to live and habitat understands that.