Carrie Stoner

            Hi!  My name is Maria.  I am a 13-year old girl who has lived in South Phoenix all of my life.  I live just off of the Jesse Owens Parkway on 5th Street.  My father is the produce manager for Food City, a neighborhood grocery store.  He works hard for his paycheck.  My mother is a counter clerk at Carolinaís where they sell the best tortillas.  She also works very hard for her paycheck.  Unfortunately, neither one of them can get health insurance for our family because they say it is just way too expensive.

            Today, my little sister is very sick.  We have tried several times to take her to the medical clinic that advertises ďwalk-ins welcome Ė same day serviceĒ but we have yet to see a doctor.  My parents are afraid that if her fever continues to stay above 104, she will die.  What I really donít understand is how my best friendís cousin, who just had a sore throat (not even a fever), went to the same clinic and was seen by a doctor on her very first visit.  I donít know, maybe it has something to do with the fact that she lives in one of those new gated communities.

            About which, by the way, why are they gated?  What is it that they are trying to hide from?  Why would someone buy a home just to hide it behind walls?  I live in a very safe neighborhood where I have known every single one of my neighbors since the day I was born.  Why would anyone want to hide from us? 

More importantly, why is it they can receive medical care that we canít.  After all, the clinics were built for us, not them.  Iím not sure whatís going to happen to my little sister but it just seems so sad that she canít even talk to a doctor while my best friendís cousin gets to see one on her very first visit.


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