A Little More About Cassandra...

I was born in Phoenix in 1980.  I have one sister named Veronica, age 28, who is expecting her first child somewhere in the months of September or October 2003 (YEA!!!!!).  My parents (Roger and Mary) are divorced, but they are the best parents any child/adolescent/young adult could have.  They have put up with my sister and I through many crises.  From lip and nose piercings (I was only 13!!!), to spray paint graffiti in bedrooms (mine of course), to running away episodes (my sister of course), along with crazy boyfriend episodes (that would be the both of us of course!).  The list goes on and on.  I plan on graduating from ASU West with a BS in Psychology and a Minor in Sociocultural Anthropology (the reason for this web page-happy to do it though) in May 2003.  After graduation, I plan to attend ASU's graduate program for a Masters in Counseling.  I also plan to be married with children before the age of 30 (any takers?) so I will be busy as usual.  Here are some pictures of my children (hey, animals are challenging just like kids!).  And some pictures of my girl Katrina and I on our annual vacations.  She is one of my only friends to have her head on straight (no KIDS-going to school-working full time-you go girl!) trying to accomplish things in life (no offense to my other friends).  I need to add Alyson Yee to the "heads on straight" list-she is attending ASU Main and is currently enrolled in 500 level courses (no kids of course)!

This is Katrina and I at Club La Bloom in Cancun Mexico, 2001

This is us at Club Seven in Las Vegas celebrating Katrina's 21st birthday in 2002

This is Miss Cutie Bird.  She frequently hangs out in my room on top of my closet doors (the background is my tagged up room-ceiling to ceiling & wall to wall-talk about home depreciation-sorry dad!)

This is my other child (like I said before-it is work I tell ya!).  Mr. Winks gets the royal treatment.  You know, chopped carrots, mustard and collard greens with an occasional serving of strawberries, bananas and flower petals delivered every morning.

Our first assignment was to create a memory map of our childhood memories. 

After sharing my memory map with some of my co-workers (I do most of my school work at work-lucky me!) most said that I was a very WEIRD little kid.  However, I beg to differ.  True I used to give canned food to the homeless man living behind our subdivision (age 9) and yes Susan and I played many mean evil tricks on Mary (the ancient lady that lived between us-she is still alive!) for example, well lets not go there (age 7-10), and I did pick up garbage as I traveled through  the desert on the way home (elementary school) and yes I would break into the church just east of our subdivision to ride my rollerblades up and down the aisles and play the piano-BUT I was not weird, just unique.  I had an incredible childhood.  It really doesn't matter now because what's done is done-nature and nurture has taken it's course and I am happy with the current results. 

I almost forgot, my favorite hobbies are eating and dancing.  Favorite restaurant: La Parilla Suiza and favorite dance music (HIP HOP of course-I can't dance to Techno and I don't use X) so any club that offers Hip Hop and is reasonably safe I like (so far, I haven't found one yet!-but will continue my search).  I also dig salsa and cumbia's.   Later!

**remember people**

Stop and Smell the Roses once and awhile-or else you are highly likely to suffer from heart disease, Irritable bowel Syndrome and tension headaches in the future (see me for references!)


For aspiring psychology majors:  Here is a list of the most influential instructors I have ever met.

That's all for now-updates ahead...

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