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Gated Communities

    The spread of gated communities in South Phoenix

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A brand new gated community being built in South Phoenix .   The view of a gated community from South Mountain.

     After reading the article, Architecture of Fear: Divided We Fall, Gated and Walled Communities in the United States. At first glance of this article I thought, oh what is the big deal so people want to live in a gated's nice. But, after reading the article I gained a better understanding of how these communities are a form of economic segregation and the neo-discrimination.

It is a way for people in the higher economic bracket to live in luxury while keeping out the middle and lower class. This is how gated communities first started along with golf and retirement communities. But, as the years have progressed the gated communities also became available for the middle class. In fact, Phoenix has one of the largest concentration of gated communities in the United States.

I know that everyone can think of at least two gated communities they know of, or know someone who lives in one. In Phoenix youcannot drive 10 minutes without passing a community surrounded by walls.

It is as though people who are well off financially do not even want to be aware of those of low economic status. These communities not only have homes but many include schools, that only cater to the needs of those within the gates. This is segregation at its fullest. I think it is sad that students in these schools will not be exposed to all sides of life, culture, and diversity. The communities block life different to their own out, only breeding fear!