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Habitat for Humanity              


Here is my group hanging a large piece of dry wall        Hanging our first piece of dry wall                 Habitat Community and Park

Habitat for Humanity is a non-profit organization that strives to help people struggling economically. The program helps families who cannot obtain a loan from the bank get a nice home of their own. The potential homeowners must first qualify through Habitat. They will be turned down if their credit is bad and are assisted in getting their credit in order.

The homeowners are able to buy their home without any interest! This is very helpful for the families as they are just gaining solid footing on their economic situation. The average home (3 bedroom) costs $93,000. The average monthly payment is $400. Whirlpool donates a refrigerator and range for each home.

A few of the qualifications are:

- income between 30%-60% of the median income,

-2 year stable income

- 400 hours of sweat equity (physically helping to build their own home and another's) 

Habitat makes sure that each of the homeowners are involved with the construction of their own home. They are also to meet the volunteers who work on their home.

The Habitat staff are knowledgeable, hardworking, and care deeply for their homeowners.

We also went to a large Habitat community that had hundreds of homes. The community had a park for the children who live in the community and their own homeowners association. The community is clean and well managed. Habitat is donation only and often struggle to come up with the means to build these homes. The volunteers are easier to find than monetary support.

Our day at Habitat was fulfilling and fun! We helped others while getting to know each other and learn how to dry wall! However, next time I will remember to bring gloves because my hands were killing me!

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