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My letter to you:

Learning in South Phoenix has been quite an
experience. Though, only 8 weeks long it seems like I
have been exposed to so much. I have made new friends
and meet many new people. I have been exposed to
articles and books that have ideas that I would not
have read on my own. The ideas we have discussed as a
whole and in our smaller groups have been eye opening
and though provoking. I hope that the citizens of
South Phoenix find away to live through the
transitions that come with living in a big city. I
hope that the various cultures that are currently
present will thrive and impact others. I hope that the
new homes that are being built can provide shelter to
families. I hope that the schools in South Phoenix can
can be a safe haven for the students from broken
homes. I hope that Habitat for Humanity continues to
thrive. And, lastly I hope that other can have the
same experience I have had in South Phoenix.


Fawn Thomas